Importance of Preventive Care for Tacoma Women

tacoma obgynNickel Obstetrics and Gynecology in Tacoma, WA focuses on preventive care to protect the health of their patients.

Dr. Adam Nickel offers his expert OBGYN advice to his Tacoma-area patients concerning the need to be proactive with preventive treatments.

Learning about and practicing preventative care is one of the best methods to prevent disease and protect health. The Institute of Medicine reports this list of suggested preventative services, and we as your Tacoma OBGYN office agree. The IOM recommends that women’s preventive services include:

  • improved screening for cervical cancer, counseling for sexually transmitted infections, and counseling and screening for HIV;
  • a fuller range of contraceptive education, counseling, methods, and services so that women can better avoid unwanted pregnancies and space their pregnancies to promote optimal birth outcomes;
  • services for pregnant women including screening for gestational diabetes and lactation counseling and equipment to help women who choose to breastfeed do so successfully;
  • at least one well-woman preventive care visit annually for women to receive comprehensive services; and
  • screening and counseling for all women and adolescent girls for interpersonal and domestic violence in a culturally sensitive and supportive manner.


As an OBGYN in Tacoma, WA…

there is a community need to pursue and emphasize preventative care. We take most insurances to encourage all patients to come in for their preventative appointments. We are striving to reach the Tacoma community with cards and reminders to protect the health of the families in our local community. As an established OBGYN in Tacoma, WA, we focus on improving the health of city.  There are many OBGYN’s in Tacoma, WA, but we here at Nickel Obstetrics and Gynecology truly value our patients as family. We want to protect their health and talk to them face-to-face with open ears. We’ve worked hard to establish one of the top reputations for OBGYN’s in Tacoma, and it’s all because we’ve built a family, not just a practice. We believe that Tacoma is a city in need of more focus on prevention. We want to see our patients before they NEED us, not when they are already sick. We’ve delivered many babies into Tacoma, and we like to think of it as protecting the families of the lives we help bring into the world. We provide many services to Tacoma, WA and the surrounding areas. See OUR SERVICES to get more information. Nickel Obstetrics and Gynecology is one of the longest standing OBGYN practices in Tacoma, WA. We are a small private Obstetrics and Gynecology practice located in Tacoma, Washington. Our focus is on Individual Patient Care. Our physicians strive to maintain a personal intimate doctor/patient relationship.  We handle all of our billing in house.  We have Ultrasound and Lab facilities on site for our patients’ convenience. Our practice stems from 1964 when Dr. Lueken sold his practice to Dr. Richard Huish. Dr. Huish served the greater Tacoma community as an Obstetrician and Gynecologist for 30+ years. In 1986, Dr. Huish invited Dr. Gary Nickel to join his practice as he began to transition into retirement. Dr. Huish Retired in 1993. Dr. Gary Nickel has been practicing as an Obstetrician and Gynecologist since 1981. In 2012 Dr. Nickel invited his son Dr. Adam Nickel to join him in private practice. Dr. Adam Nickel and his family moved from Cincinnati Ohio to return to Tacoma to serve the community he was raised in. Nickel Obstetrics & Gynecology strongly encourages our patients to “Be proactive in your care!”We look forward to helping you with your Health Care needs as your Tacoma OBGYN.

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